It’s Time to Begin

How do you know when it’s time to begin?

If you ask me, it’s when you can’t wait any longer. When something will break if you don’t move forward with what is on your heart. So, here I am. Here I go.

The Free Family Project has been a dream in my heart for years upon years. But now, after many years of praying, I finally know the purpose of it.

The Free Family Project exists to help those parents, those moms and those dads, who are pushed out of society for wanting something more. It exists to excite, inspire, and guide them. It exists to bring them together, the outcasts, to create a network, a paradise even, of their own.

You’ve probably heard these statements:

“You went to public school and it was good enough for you.” Have you ever heard that? Many parents have when wanting more for their children. Maybe you don’t just want something “good enough.” Maybe you want the best.

“Why would you want to have your own business? Brick-and-mortar jobs are way more stable.” You’ve probably heard this one too! Because conveniently the people who say this forget you can get fired or laid off in an at-will state.

“Why would you want to make things? Why grow a garden when you have a grocery store? Why would you ever do all the work of homesteading?” These people forget hobbies exist or that you can do things because you love them and they bring you peace or security.

Your parents, grandparents, and society’s ways are not “good enough” for us. You want the best. The best for yourselves physically and spiritually, as a beautiful soul in a human body. The best for your marriage with your spouse. The best for your children in their upbringing and education.

Your dreams are big and bold and you are tired of living in the shadows of society.

It’s time to begin.

Break free from the self-doubt that you can live the life of your dreams. You and your spouse are more than enough to raise your children and live the life you feel called to.

If you are ready to follow along, The Free Family Project will be here for you. We strive to help parents who want to home educate, have a home business, live in alternative housing, homestead, or live contrary to how society dictates.

We have big plans. We want to bring you a non-Face-space group community and resources to live your life to the fullest. We want to bring you stories of others to inspire you to get out there and make your business and life a reality. We want to help you save money and build a legacy to pass on to your children. Most of all, we want to help you holistically, body, mind, and spirit, to live this one amazing life that God has given you.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you in? If you are, tell us what you most need or are looking forward to in the comments below! Or email thefreefamilyproject [@] gmail .com if you’d like. We want to hear for you and serve YOU!

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